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Special aluminum powder

Special aluminum powder

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  • Release date:2021-01-25 16:07:04
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Product technical conditions:

Appearance: silver gray or gray flake powder

Active aluminum: [not less than] 92%

Fineness: 100 mesh/inch dry sieve passes 99%; 320 mesh/inch wet sieve passes not less than 97%

Grease: not more than 0.4%

Iron: not more than 0.8%

Moisture: not more than 0.15%

Characteristics and uses: It has a light texture, less oil, and has great explosive power when burned in a sealed container, and it also makes an extraordinary sound.

It is one of the essential raw materials for the firework industry. It can also be used as catalyst, reducing agent, and lightweight aerated concrete.

Packing: Net weight 20 kg, iron drum.

Storage and transportation: When storing and transporting, the transportation should be handled in accordance with the ethylene product. Pay attention to isolation from water, acid, reducing agent, oxidizer and corrosive products, and isolate fire and heat

source. Store and transport in a cool, dry, ventilated place, prevent moisture and sunlight. During transportation, handle with care, and do not invert or collide.


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