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Special aluminum powder

Special aluminum powder

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  • Release date:2022-09-20 12:57:40
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Product technical conditions:

Appearance: silver gray or gray flake powder extra fine aluminum powder

Reactive aluminum: [not less than] 92%

Fineness: 100 mesh/inch dry sieve through 99%; 320 mesh/inch wet sieve pass not less than 97%

Grease: not more than 0.4%

Iron: not more than 0.8%

Moisture: no more than 0.15%

Characteristics and USE: LIGHT in texture, less grease, burning in a sealed container has a great explosive force, and emit extraordinary sound.

It is one of the essential raw materials for the fireworks industry. It can also be used as catalyst, reducing agent and light aerated concrete.

Packing: 20kg net in iron drums.

Storage and transportation: During storage and transportation, it should be transported according to easy ene products. Pay attention to water, acid, reducing, oxidizing agents and corrosion isolation, fire, heat

The source. Storage and transportation in a cool, dry, ventilated place, strictly prevent moisture, sun. In handling, should be handled with care, not inverted, collision.


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