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Gaizhou HELi ALUMINUM POWDER Co., LTD. (FORMERLY GAIZHOU METAL POWDER FACTORY) IS A comprehensive high-tech aluminum powder production enterprise integrating scientific research, development, sales and service. It has a long history and rich experience in aluminum powder production. With domestic advanced technology level. Advanced production equipment, perfect detection means. He has won many provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards. And undertake the production process line technology transfer business.

Our factory adopts advanced technology to produce extra fine aluminum powder (FLT1-4), spherical aluminum powder (FLQT1-4), silicon aluminum powder, aluminum silver paste, mainly used in solid rocket propellant, metal coatings, refractory materials, etc. It is the point factory of aluminum powder used by chemical enterprises and scientific research units in China, as well as the production base of aluminum powder, fireworks aluminum powder and aluminum silver pulp.

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It is a large-scale high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, engineering planning and design, sales, installation and service
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