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What are the industrial production methods of aluminum powder?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

1. Melt extrusion method:

The method is to heat and extrude metal pigment and other components (resin, etc.) of powder coating through screw extruder. Although metal pigments and powder coatings can be mixed well, the orientation of metal pigments in high viscosity melts is insufficient. In addition, in the next crushing process, the flake structure of the pigment will inevitably be destroyed. The metal powder produced by this method is gray in construction. Therefore, this method is only used for the production of hammer powder.

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2. Dry mixing method:

In this method, dry metal pigment powder is added into the crushed powder coating and mixed by mechanical mixer. The advantage of dry mixing method is that the metal pigment and powder coating are not very intense when mixing, so as to prevent the deformation of sheet metal pigment, and thus the metal effect will not be affected. In addition, the loose pigment / resin mixture is also very conducive to the orientation of metal pigments and improve the flash effect. The disadvantage of this method is that the shape, density and charge of metal pigment and resin powder particles are very different when the recycled powder is treated by automatic spraying equipment.

3. Bonding process was used

In this method, the metal pigment and the powder coating are dry mixed and heated at the same time, so that the temperature just exceeds the softening point of the resin. At this time, the metal pigment can be fixed and bonded to the surface of the resin powder with viscosity, so as to prevent the separation of the metal pigment and the resin powder when the powder is recycled during and after the construction. It's the popular binding law.




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