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The harm of spherical aluminum powder to human body

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Heavy metals are very harmful to human body, and spherical aluminum powder is no exception. We all know that there are many places where we need to use key materials in our life, but many people know how harmful silver materials are to human body. I do not understand the following. Superfine spherical aluminum powder editing below a brief introduction.

If aluminum gets into the body, it can first build up in the brain, causing brain damage and, in severe cases, loss of memory. It's a characteristic of Presbyterian disease, and the researchers involved in the work say they found measurable levels of aluminum in the brains of mice who drank just one cup of aluminum-treated water. According to studies in mice, trace amounts of aluminum mixed in drinking water make their way into the brain, where it folds and accumulates.

In STUDIES of the PATIENTS, 30% of the neocorTEX HAD concentrations OF SILVER greater THAN 4 micrograms per gram (dry weight), AND THE nuclei OF NEURONS contained four and 30 times as much ALUMINUM, respectively, as healthy people. The researchers believe that over time, when aluminum builds up in the brain, it kills neurons and causes memory loss. One scientist said: "We spend our lives drinking water purified by aluminium salts and eating food containing them, so as we age we accumulate a lot of aluminium in our bodies." . He noted that the incidence of Alzheimer's disease has generally increased worldwide over the past 70 years. He says aluminum is also used as a food emulsifier.

Aluminum can directly destroy the activity of osteoblasts and inhibit bone matrix synthesis. At the same time, the absorption of aluminum by the digestive system leads to increased urinary calcium excretion and insufficient calcium content in the body. Aluminum accumulates in the human body and produces physiological effects, which can cause encephalopathy, bone disease, stomach disease and iron deficiency anemia.

There are three main ways to prevent the harm of aluminum: one is the city water company based on its responsibility to its own people, the use of aluminum salts (such as aluminum potassium sulfate, KAI, SO4) is recommended not to use 2) as a purifying agent; Second, try not to use aluminum products to make kitchenware; Third, eat less food containing aluminum salt additives (fried dough sticks, etc.).

Aluminum is toxic to human body, but also toxic to living organisms. Soluble aluminum compounds are toxic to most plants. When aluminum compounds dissolved in acidic soil water can make normal crops grow, the aluminum dissolved in 10 to 20ppm or more, plants will show signs of aluminum toxicity. Aluminum in soil can combine with soluble phosphate to form insoluble aluminum phosphate, and plants die of lack of phosphorus. Aluminum FURTHER DEhydrATES THE PROTOPLASM OF SPERMATOZOA CELLS, WHICH THEN DESTROYS AND DIES. Aluminum binds to pectin in the cell wall, strengthening the bridging structure of pectin and hinding the plant's absorption of water and nutrients. Aluminum is also closely related to mineral nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus in plants.

It can inhibit the absorption and accumulation of calcium and phosphorus in general plants, and also affect the absorption and accumulation of potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc and other elements. Aluminum is also toxic to aquatic animals. When the pH value is about 5, it is deposited in the form of alumina in the snail, which makes it difficult for oxygen to enter the blood, so that the salt concentration in the fish is dysregulated, causing the fish to die. The toxic concentration of aluminum to aquatic animals is generally above 70 micrograms/liter. When the content of aluminum in water increases, a large amount of organic matter will condense, leading to the death of aquatic animals due to the lack of nutrient circle. Aluminum will lead to phosphorus precipitation, which seriously threatens the reproduction and survival of aquatic animals.

To sum up, there are many foods and water containing aluminum materials in our life. These materials may not affect our bodies in the short term, but in the long term, they can cause a great impact on our nervous system and physical health.





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