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Application of aluminum powder in industrial production

2019-05-22 11:40:18

1 aluminum alloy powder, because of its silver-white metallic luster, generally known as aluminum silver powder or silver powder. Its chemical composition is not actually "aluminum" but "silver." Scope of application: superfine spherical aluminum powder coating, ink, plastic main batch, printing, imitation gold paper, gold card, gold film, fabric, but it is oxidized, used for water paint and acid based paint crested ibis, blackening. Do not use acid, alkaline, need to use with rainwater.

2 Ultrafine particle silver powder :1. Ultrafine floating silver has a large surface area. When exposed to air, a passive protective film can quickly form on its surface. Containment measures must be taken. Floating silver is not recommended for alkaline resistant applications. Silver-white pearl powder can be used when necessary (2) In addition to ensuring the stability of the production process, the silver powder should be tested before production to avoid the expansion of losses. (3) Add high gloss wax AW 500B, can cover the bottom, metal luster strong. The whiter the white powder, the smaller the amount, the bluer. If there are not enough, black spots and filaments appear, or are often thought of as fly droppings. Floating silver is a thin sheet, often floating on the outermost layer of the coating, so hardness and oxidation resistance are slightly reduced. In order to obtain good hardness, instead of high gloss wax, gold and silver powder coordination agent, polyethylene wax and so on, use print-resistant hardener AS 501, silver powder hardener POL 16, POL 09, etc., the longer the mixing time, the better the effect.

Superfine spherical aluminum powder

3 floating silver :1. The smaller the size of silver powder particles, the stronger the metallization and the stronger the coating force. If the amount of silver powder is too large, the powder is easy to block the gun head, and the amount of silver powder is not enough, there will be black spots, flowers or small hair easy to show stripes. R 18, R 01 and other new silver powder dispersing agents with special effects are efficient dispersing agents based on SiO2. Unlike ordinary silver powder dispersing agents, no matter how much silver powder is added, it can be evenly dispersed without black spots. Therefore, you can adjust the background color and reduce the amount of silver powder to modulate the gray black, blue stage and different shades of silver powder effect. The amount added is very small and works very well for the label. If it is added to the material and crushed together, it cannot be added directly. If you add it directly, you get particles and white spots. R 01 has good results and can be directly dried and mixed in the absence of particles. (2) the thin sheet structure of suspended aluminum powder is destroyed (deformation or extrusion) during crushing and extrusion, and the result turns gray, so dry mixing method is generally used.




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