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Application of aluminum powder in industrial production

2019-05-22 11:40:18

1、 Aluminum powder is commonly called aluminum silver powder or silver powder because of its silver white metallic luster. Its chemical composition is actually "aluminum", not "silver". Scope of application: Superfine spherical aluminum powder coating, ink, plastic masterbatch, printing, imitation gold paper, gold card, gold film, textiles, but it will be oxidized and blackened when used in water-based paint and acid-base paint. It is not recommended to be used when acid and alkali resistance and combination with rain water are required.

2、 Superfine silver powder: 1. The surface area of superfine floating silver is large. When it is exposed to air, it can quickly form a passive protective film on its surface, that is, oxidation blackening. Sealing measures should be taken. Floating silver is not recommended for alkali resistant occasions. If required, silver white pearlescent powder can be used; 2. There are certain differences between batches of silver powder, In addition to maintaining the stability of the production process as far as possible, the test should be carried out before the production to avoid expanding the loss. 3. In the case of adding high gloss wax aw500b, 0.6% - 1.5% can cover the bottom and produce a strong metallic luster. The whiter the silver powder is added, the smaller the amount is, the bluer it will be. When the amount is insufficient, there will be black spots and black silk, or commonly known as fly excrement. 4. Floating silver is flaky and always floats on the outermost layer of the coating, so its hardness and oxidation resistance blackening performance are slightly poor. In order to obtain better hardness, it is necessary to add anti printing hardener as501, silver powder hardener pol16, pol09, etc., instead of high gloss wax, gold and silver powder arrangement agent, polyethylene wax, etc., the longer the mixing time, the better the effect.

Superfine spherical aluminum powder

3、 Floating silver: 1. The smaller the particle size of silver powder is, the stronger the sense of metallization is, and the stronger the covering power is; if the amount of silver powder is too large, it is easy to spit out powder and block the gun head; when the amount of silver powder is not enough, it is easy to appear black spots, hair flowers or small stripes. R18, R01 and other special effect new silver powder dispersants are high-efficiency dispersing agents with SiO2 as carrier. Different from ordinary silver powder dispersants, no matter how much silver powder is added, they can be evenly dispersed without black spots. Therefore, by adjusting the background color and reducing the amount of silver powder, the silver powder effect of gray black, blue phase and different color phases can be modulated. The addition amount is very small and has a good promotion effect on the leveling. When added to the flake material for grinding together, it can't be directly added. If it is directly added, it will produce particles and white spots. R01 has a good effect and can be directly dry mixed without particles. 2. The flake structure of floating aluminum powder will be destroyed (deformed or crushed) in the process of grinding and extrusion, resulting in gray color, so dry mixing method is generally used.




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