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Brief introduction of automobile coatings

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Brief introduction of automobile coatings

Release time: November 15, 2012

In the past 50 years, automotive topcoat has changed a lot in terms of base material, topcoat color and application. It is mainly manifested in the base materials from nitro enamel to amino alkyd enamel, primer from self drying alkyd resin enamel to thermoplastic acrylic resin enamel. Thermosetting acrylic resin enamel and polyamine stain resistance have been greatly improved, which makes the protection of the top coat improved. At the same time, the color of topcoat is more and more diverse, and the appearance of various types of cars is also more abundant. In the 1990s, more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection around the world, and automotive topcoat has begun to change to waterborne automotive topcoat.

The main automotive topcoat is enamel, most of which are high gloss, and have good mechanical properties and weather resistance. At present, amino resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, polyurethane resin and medium solid polyester are used as base materials for high-grade automobile and car body. Inorganic pigments such as titanium dioxide, phthalocyanine pigment and organic pigment with bright color and good weather resistance are selected. In addition, some additives are added to achieve satisfactory appearance and performance. At present, our country also basically uses solvent based automotive topcoat, some western developed countries have adopted water-based automotive topcoat!

Development status of automotive coatings in China

In 2009, China's total output of coatings ranked first in the world and became a big country in the production and consumption of global coatings. However, the quality and varieties of automobile coatings in China are still lagging behind. On the whole, the development problems of automobile coatings in China are lack of innovative technology, backward production control technology and low level of coating equipment. The market share of domestic famous brand automobile coating enterprises is very small, and the homogeneous competition in the coating industry is very serious. These make the profit space of Chinese automobile coating enterprises smaller. For a long time, the average profit margin of China's coating industry is less than 10%. Therefore, in another level, the future development of China's automotive coatings space is still very large!

Future development and deployment of automobile paint in China

1、 Automobile coatings enterprises should change their concepts, establish a systematic understanding of the coatings industry, and pave the way for independent innovation.

In the process of development of China's coating industry, coating technology has been ignored, and the general coating research institutes and coating manufacturers do not pay attention to the practical application of coatings. Its sales and service personnel also lack of painting related professional knowledge. Although some enterprises have realized the lack of this area and have taken corresponding measures, compared with joint ventures or foreign advanced enterprises, this aspect is still weak! Therefore, coating enterprises should adhere to the road of coating and coating integration, which will have a broader development space.

2、 Learn from experience and innovate independently

In recent years, China's automobile industry and automotive coatings industry introduced projects everywhere, the world-famous automobile companies and automotive coatings companies have entered the Chinese market. In the period of lack of capital and technology, the strategy of exchanging technology and capital with market is correct. Under the background of economic globalization and regional integration, it is difficult to separate the national from the world. But if you have been relying on the introduction, there is no own brand, is to be controlled by people! Therefore, China's automobile coating enterprises should be good at independent innovation in the case of learning experience, in order to have their own real market!

3、 Take the road of internationalization

In the establishment of independent innovation system in China's automobile coating industry, we should give full play to our advantages in combination with the national conditions, and also integrate some advanced technical achievements at home and abroad to enhance the core competitiveness of China's coating industry. Therefore, the coating industry should also cooperate and innovate with foreign-funded enterprises and gradually move towards the international road!




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